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Thinking Like A Boss

Nov 5, 2018

Sarah is a licensed clinical social worker who owns and operates a thriving therapeutic private practice based in NY. Her practice specializes in mental health treatment for children, families, and young adults. Sarah also offers 1:1 coaching services for mental health professionals looking to build their own private practice and even created an 8 week digital course which focuses on all of the ins and outs of starting your own practice. Sarah has a blog which focuses on mental health, wellness, and entrepreneurship as she loves sharing her wisdom and expertise with all of her readers! Sarah has dedicated her career to helping others and firmly believes everyone is entitled to live their best life as well as believes everyone can achieve true happiness and success. Sarah has a passion for the mental health field and considers herself an advocate in reducing the stigma around mental health. Sarah has worked hard to build a career and lifestyle which not only are conducive to her needs but also serves so many others in the process. It is because of her ability to achieve happiness, success, and overall wellness that she believes others are capable of doing the same. Her goal is to inspire and motivate others to achieve their goals and create the life they want to live without fear, anxiety, or self-doubt holding them back.

In today’s episode, Sarah shares the TOP limiting belief she’s faced in her business, I can’t help people and make money in the process. Sarah shares how finding a mentor helped her overcome and how she is now able to use her experience to help her own coaching clients. Join us in this conversation because you are not alone and it is okay to feel like “this” and seek help!


In this Episode:

  • Making decisions of off fear and anxiety aren’t going to make a business successful or prosperous long term
  • You don’t have to take on anyone who isn’t your ideal client
  • Make a budget it helps set clarity
  • Be mindful of the community you’re serving


Words of Wisdom:

--“You are where you are right now for a reason”

--“Surround yourself with those who encourage you”

--“Stop listening to everyone else, do some reflection and listen to yourself”


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